WD MyCloud EX2100

Кратко описание

Цена: 675лв.

Основни характеристики

  • Marvell ARMADA 385 1.30 GHz
  • 2 слота
  • 12TB макс. капацитет
  • 1GB DDR3
пълни характеристики

Подобни продукти от Western Digital


Серия My cloud
Начин на ползване За дома и малък офис
Свързаност LAN 10/100/1000 Мбит/сек
Процесор Marvell ARMADA 385 (2-ядрен, 1.30 GHz)
Памет 1GB DDR3
Собствени дискове без собствени дискове
Тип диск 3.5 инча
Слотове за дискове 2
Максимален дисков капацитет 12 TB
  • 2x Gigabit Ethernet port
  • 2x USB 3.0
Network protocols
  • DHCP Client or Static IP
  • NTP Client
  • Dynamic DNS (DDNS)
  • Apple Bonjour and Windows Rally
  • Jumbo frame support up to 9K
  • VLAN (802.1Q)
  • Link Aggregation and failover for 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • UPnP port forwarding
  • LLTD Link Layer Topology Discovery Protocol
  • iSCSI
  • SSH
Raid нива на поддръжка
  • JBOD
  • RAID 0
  • RAID 1

Web Browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 10 or higher
  • Safari 6 or higher
  • Firefox 30 or higher
  • Google Chrome 31 or higher on supported Windows and Mac OS platforms

User/Group Management:

  • Max No. of Users: 512 for Samba, 800 for ADS
  • Max No. of User Groups: 64 for Samba, 200 for ADS
  • Max No. of Network Shares: Max No. of Network Shares: 128
  • Max concurrent CIFS connections: 10
  • User/Group assignment for network sharing/FTP
  • Quotas for groups or users
  • Assignment of users to multiple groups
  • Batch assignment of users to groups
  • Batch user creation
  • Importing users (CSV Delimited Format)
  • Importing groups (CSV Delimited Format)


Съвместими операционни системи
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Mac OS X Yosemite
  • Mac OS Mavericks
  • Mac OS Mountain Lion
  • Mac OS Lion
Операционна система без операционна система
Back up management
  • Remote backups: My Cloud Expert Series to My Cloud Expert Series locally or remotely
  • Backup internal files or folders of the device to other files/folders on the NAS or attached USB drive
  • WD SmartWare Pro for Windows clients
  • Apple Time Machine (10.5.8+) support
  • Cloud-based backup services
    • Amazon S3
    • ElephantDrive (http://home.elephantdrive.com/)
  • Disk sync management for the attached USB ports
Сървърни функции

FTP Server

  • Support Port Setting
  • Set port range of passive FTP
  • Option to report external IP in PASV mode
  • Client language selection
  • Anonymous FTP
  • Secure FTP Support
  • Support File eXchange Protocol (FXP)
  • FTP bandwidth restriction (upstream/downstream)
  • IP address block (block access from undesired IP address)

Download Management

  • HTTP downloads from a URL to a user specified folder on the NAS
  • FTP downloads of files or folders from an FTP server to another files/folders on the NAS
  • P2P Download Manager

Power Management

  • Drive Spin Up/Down (including Attached WD USB drives)
  • Automatic power recovery (with UPS)
  • Schedule power on/off
  • Graceful shutdown on UPS low battery
  • FAN Control
  • Network UPS
  • Wake On LAN

Remote Access

  • My Cloud mobile app
  • My Cloud desktop app
  • WD Photos mobile app

Media Streaming

  • UPnP AV Media server (Twonky)
  • DLNA certification
  • Support WD TV, WD TV Live, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Windows 8, connected TVs, Blu-ray players and digital picture frames
  • iTunes Server
Мощност -
Размер 21.6 x 11 x 14.7 см.
Гаранция 24 месеца
Wireless Не

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